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Diving Gozo – Services

Diving Gozo


Here, the Mediterranean sea is at its richest, with abundant marine life, dramatic underwater scenery, caves, reefs, drop offs and visibility often in excess of 40 metres. Gozo is famous for recreational diving and divers come from all over the world to enjoy the scenic underwater topography and the clear Mediterranean waters all year round.

Most of the 54 dive sites Gozo offers are reachable by car. Our Divers meet at the shop at 9 o’clock in the morning to find out which instructor they are diving with and load their equipment into one of our Dive Trucks. We then drive a maximum of 20 mins to the dive site and kit up on site. Another great way to dive with us is on our fast and comfortable dive boat DIVEMANIA. With DiveMania we can take you to the best of diving Gozo, Comino and even Malta. Divers kit up before getting on board so they simply have to lean back and make a splash entry once we get to the dive site. An average trip will take approximately 7 to 20 minutes from harbour to dive site. St. Andrew’s Divers Cove is geared to host individual divers as well as large groups. Divers are welcome to join other divers of similar experience on accompanied dives or else, if suitably qualified and with a buddy, dive unaccompanied (once already familiar with the dive sites). St. Andrew’s Divers Cove also offers regular boat dives. First timers and divers who want to improve their knowledge will be coached by our professional instructors for beginner dives or a large choice of courses.

Diving Gozo with St Andrew’s Divers Cove

Diving Courses
What better place and time to get certified then while you are on holiday on the beautiful island of Gozo.

Accompanied Dives
Dive with a certified diving instructor who knows the dive sites and local safety procedures.

Unaccompanied Diving
You already know the dive sites and you and your buddy are suitably qualified? Then go with your friends on your own.

Diving Gozo Price list

Our prices reflect the best diving on the island.

Gozo Dive Sites
Find out what our dive sites have to offer.

Boat Diving
DiveMania is the fastest, purpose built, and most comfortable dive boat on the island.

Diving Holiday Packages for Groups
Great group rates and deals!

Equipment Rental – Any equipment you need for a successful dive can be hired from our dive shop, at reasonable prices.


You may want to check out the regulations for diving gozo  on the official Professional Diving Schools Association – Malta website.