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C.M.A.S 1,2,3 star Courses

C.M.A.S. – Confederation Mondiale des Activites  Subaquatiques

This was the first diving federation and was  originally started by Jacques Cousteau. Unlike most federations it is  represented by different associations in different countries which means that  the courses vary as well.

In Malta there is the FUAM (Federation of  Underwater Activities Malta).

In France the FFESSM ( ……)

In Germany there are various associations including  VDST and Barracuda

In the UK there is BSAC (British Subaqua  Association) and the Scottish Subaqua Association.

In Belgium and Holland there is CEDIP

The levels are 1* which is comparable to PADI Open  Water up to 3* which is comparable to PADI divemaster and then on to Instructor  grades.