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Blue Hole et la chemine

Gozo Diving – Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a natural rock formation carved out over the centuries by wind and wave power. Offering a sheltered entry for a number of dives, this site includes a huge archway which starts at 8 metres and has a flat top, almost square in shape, and covered in golden cup coral (parazoanthus axinellae). A large cavern is also worth exploring and can be found at the bottom of the hole to the left of the entry point.



Gozo Diving – Blue Hole Long Route

This dive then leads you out of the Blue Hole and across the bay towards the Azure Window and starts at 16 metres at the base of the Blue Hole and rises to 8 – 9 metres under the Azure Window. A large section of the Azure Window collapsed into the sea in April 2012, and these huge rock blocks now partially block the route under the window.

Follow the blocks and reef round to your left and you will swim out onto the outer cliff face of the Azure Window. Watch out for shoals of Damsel fish, Bogue, Picarel swimming near the cliff face and if they suddenly dive towards the rock, look up as there are probably Amberjack or Dentex hunting them.

As you round the Azure Window, you can head back across the bay towards the Blue Hole and finish the dive exploring the cavern, or if air allows, continue along the cliff face and up the Chimney into the Coral Garden. You can exit here, or retrace the dive dwon the Chimney and back to an exit in the Blue Hole

This site is very popular especially later in the day so arriving early is a good idea.


Gozo diving – Location:

Directly in front of the Azure Window, at the bottom of Dwejra Point

Gozo diving – Access:

Reached via a fairly difficult walk over ancient coralline limestone. The rough path leads you down to the shore, where a shallow-water shelf leads to the right where the Blue Hole is formed.

Gozo diving – Conditions:

Sheltered at most times in the hole, as it is protected by a fringe of rock.

Gozo diving – Average depth:

20 m

Gozo diving – Maximum depth:

45 m

Gozo diving – Average visibility:

45 m

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You may want to check out the regulations for gozo diving  on the official Professional Diving Schools Association – Malta website.