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About Gozo

Gozo Diving is famous for the underwater visibility, warm temperatures and stunning underwater scenery. Submerged caves, chimneys, arches and tunnels together with breathtaking drop offs and the flourishing marine life make Gozo the Mediterranean’s BEST Dive destination.

There are more than 50 known dive sites. At St. Andrew’s Divers Cove, we explore and look for new ones every year.

Gozo, Malta’s Sister Island, lies to the northwest of Malta. It measures just over sixty-seven square kilometres, slightly bigger than Bermuda and roughly equal in size to Hong Kong Island. The Island’s economy was traditionally based on agriculture and fisheries, but in recent years tourism has become more economically important. It is however agriculture that is responsible for the island’s character and appearance. The Maltese Islands are located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The strategic location, on the trading route between Europe and Africa, has caused the Maltese Islands to be occupied and inhabited by several civilizations over the last 3000 years. Every occupier has left some influence in the form of culture, language and architecture. This gave rise to a fascinating history and rich heritage. It is believed however that the first humans settled on the islands around 4000 BC.

There are many interesting historical monuments one can visit in Gozo. Gozo boasts one of the oldest free standing structures in the world: Ggantija Temples, which date further back than 3000 BC. The citadel in Victoria was fortified by the knights of Malta and hosts a cathedral and several museums. A walk around the citadel’s bastions is a must. Stunning panoramic views of the island from there illustrate the actual size of Gozo since the Mediterranean Sea can be seen all around. The true allure of Gozo remains in its natural rugged beauty. Both on land and under water one can witness this miracle of nature. Gozo boasts many fine restaurants with local and foreign cuisine. Having been occupied by so many nations and exposed to so many civilisations in the past, the Gozitans have kept all the best cooking secrets of each nation and have formed some of the best meals in the world.