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Gozo Dive Sites

Gozo Diving is famous for the underwater visibility, warm temperatures and stunning underwater scenery. Submerged caves, chimneys, arches and tunnels together with breathtaking drop offs and the flourishing marine life make Gozo the Mediterranean’s BEST Dive destination.

There are more than 50 known dive sites. At St. Andrew’s Divers Cove, we explore and look for new ones every year.

Gozo Diving – Wrecks.

Decommissioned ships have been scuttled off Gozo’s South coast, near Comino’s Blue Lagoon and near Malta’s north coast. When diving Gozo with St. Andrew’s Divers Cove, fantastic wreck diving is another option. One wreck in particular was scuttled in shallow water purposely to be enjoyed by less experienced divers.

Gozo Diving – Shore Dives.

Gozo is a small island so dive sites are never more than a 20 minute drive or a short boat ride away. Many of the best known dive sites like the famous Blue Hole, the Inland Sea and Reqqa Point are accessible from shore. It’s a matter of parking the dive truck, kitting up and walking into the sea, straight onto drop offs and reefs, caves and arches all buzzing with Marine Life.

Gozo Diving – Boat Dives.

Gozo’s coast is surrounded by high cliffs and more than half of the coast cannot be accessed from shore. At St. Andrew’s Divers Cove we are one of the few dive shops to actually own a Dive boat and organise boat diving every day throughout the season. Boats are used to access several dive sites beneath the cliffs and the dive sites of Comino island and the wrecks near Malta.

Divemania, our purpose built dive boat can take 20 divers and reach speeds of 25kts. Most dive sites are a 10 minute ride away. Modern electronics, safety equipment, a dive ladder and a wide dive platform are a few of the features of our dive boat that make diving off it a pleasure even for the least fit. Larger conventional slower boats are used for full day trips and lunch is served on board in between dives.

Gozo Dive Sites


01 Xlendi Reef and 02 Xlendi Tunnel
03 Ulysses Cave
04 Zurziep Reef
05 Wardija Point
06 Ta Pawla
07 Fungus Rock
08 Crocodile Rock
09 Coral Cave
10 Blue Hole
11 Inland Sea
12 Ta Sliema
13 Ta Tetju
14 San Dimitri Point
15 Moffitt’s Cave
16 Ta Camma (Gudja Cave)
17 Tac-Cawla
18 Wield il-Meilah
19 Forna Point Caves
20 Wiel il-Ghasri (Cathedral Cave)
21 Billinghurst Cave
22 Reqqa Point
23 Landslide Reef
24 Double Arch Reef
25 Xwejni Bay
26 Marsalforn Bay
27 Dahlet Qorrot
28 Qala Anchors
29 Qala Point
30 Tal-Halfa
31 Hondoq Bay
32 Outer Cominoto Reef
33 Anchor Reef Cominoto
34 P31 Wreck Comino
35 Crystal Lagoon / Champagne Cave
36 L-Irieqa (Lantern Point)
37 Elephant Rock
38 Comino Caves (Santa Marija Caves)
39 Santa Maria Reef
40 Rozi Wreck
41 P29 Wreck / Cirkewwa Reef
42 Wreck Popeye Barge – Anchor Bay
43 By the Harbour Bay
44 Xatt L-Ahmar
45 MV Xlendi Wreck
45 MV Karwela Wreck
45 MV Cominoland Wreck
46 Ras il-Hobz
47 Fessej Rock (Black Rock)
48 Mgarr ix-Xini
49 Ta Cenc
50 Newwiela Point
51 Ta’ Cenc Reef
52 Sanap Cliffs
53 Bajjada Point
54 Dawra tas-Sanap
99 HMS Stubborn Wreck, Malta
99 Um El Faroud Wreck, Malta


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You may want to check out the regulations for gozo diving  on the official Professional Diving Schools Association – Malta website.

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