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Billinghurst Cave

Gozo Diving – Billinghurst Cave.

The cavern is a very large sea cave and has very little natural light penetration plus a dip in the middle further cuts off the daylight. The sides of the tunnel are pitted and eroded by the pounding sea and covered in a multitude of differently coloured sponges. If you follow the left hand wall into the cavern, then it dips behind some very  large boulders and you lose sight of the entrance turning this cavern dive into a potential cave dive. Just come up a bit in depth however, and you will rise above the blockage and see the exit again.

Gozo Diving – Billinghurst Cave Route

Entry and Exit are just above the right hand side of the cavern as you look north from the car parking area. Generally, the dive is a giant stride entry of about 1.5 / 2 metres and a decent down the rock wall to the cavern mouth at 24 metres

There is less marine life than may be imagined, but after a 50 m swim you can surface inside the cave and cast your lights over the vaulted natural ceiling. The cave is littered with shrimp, and there are many fireworks anemones in the sand along the cavern edges. The entrance to the cavern is also a major habitat for lace bryozoans and the ridges of sand in the entrance are full of washed their lacy skeletons from previous storms.

The sight of the blue open water with the sun shining through from the outer reef on the way out of this cavern is a wonderful contrast to darkness of the cavern itself.

Gozo Diving – Location:

To the west of Reqqa Point and into the deeply indented corner of the shoreline, where you can see the entrance to the cave.


Gozo Diving – Access:

Entry is possible by a 2 m jump and swimming underwater to the cave; the exit is at Reqqa Point or back out of a ladder at the cavern entrance during the main dive season. Winter storms usually uproot the ladder, and the remains of several previous year’s ladder lie around the seabed outside the cavern.


Gozo Diving – Conditions:

There can be some serious surge in the cave and it should only be dived by experienced divers in flat calm conditions.


Gozo Diving – Average depth:

20 m


Gozo Diving – Maximum depth:

35 m


Gozo Diving – Average visibility:

25 m; Torchlight needed


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