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Dawra Tas-Sanap

Depending on the surge the dive-boat usually anchors on the shallow reef close to the cliffs east of the natural arch of Dawra tas-Sanap. This site is a very short ride on the St Andrew’s Divers Cove boat from Xlendi Bay, Gozo, Malta. The boat exits the bay and the dive site is literally 5 minutes down the coast, but impossible to get to from the shore as the cliffs are very high.


Dawra Tas-Sanap Route


In the beginning of the dive the maximum depth is in 7m to 10m, and if you head out straight due west you will reach a drop off that leads down to over 30m. Now swim close to the vertical wall and descend slowly to 20m, where you will find a very nice cave with a big semi-circular entrance and a bottom full of colourful sponges. Keep an eye out for spotted doris nudibranch which are usually found feeding on the pink and white greek bath sponges.

Following the run of the cliffs you will reach the edge of the reef that leads down step wise to 40m and more. In this area there are some massive boulders and most of the time you can find large shoals of saddled bream (Oblada melanura) and salema (Sarpa salpa) and also hunting dentex and groupers.

Once you circled the edge of the reef come up to an approximately depth of 15m and enjoy the wonderful sight of the big arch in the sunlight. Dive straight to the east through the arch or the very narrow tunnel system below the rocks and follow the wall back to the anchor-place on the shallow part of the reef. There you will be able to do a safety stop on the limestone reef or hanging below Divemania, the St Andrew’s Divers Cove fast, purpose built dive boat.


Gozo Diving – Location:

The first large sheltered inlet to the southeast of Xlendi Bay.

Gozo Diving – Access:

By boat.

Gozo Diving – Conditions:

Sheltered, but there can be surge against the cliff face and cave.

Gozo Diving – Average depth:

20 m

Gozo Diving – Maximum depth:

45 m

Gozo Diving – Average visibility:

50 m



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