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Reqqa Point

After the dives at Dwejra, Reqqa Point is often the most requested dive site on Gozo. Susceptible to heavy seas from the prevailing North Westerly winds, this site is sometimes not available to dive, but when it is then the dive has something for all levels of diver. On a calm day then the entry and exit pose no problem, but care should be taken if there is any well.



Reqqa Point Route


Depending on the surge, access is either to the right or the left of the headland, but preferably the dive is conducted by swimming from the right entry around the headland to the left, or west. The reef is cut by numerous fissures, caves and crevices and leads down to a sandy bottom at 25m. The first minutes of the dive better stay shallow and follow the run of the vertical wall until you reach the edge of the reef which points to North-West and leads down stepwise from 30m to 40m and more.

The wonderful view into the clear blue water mixed with the amazing diversity of the marine life of the northern coast is the main attraction of this part of the dive. Large groupers, dentex, all kind of rays and hunting barracudas are very common here and in the area of the big boulders on the left side of the reef “the lucky one” can find lobsters, morays and also colourful nudibranchs. Back on the top of the reef at an average depth of 18m there are always big shoals of damselfish and bogues (Boops Boops) in “skin-tight” swim formations, which in the sunlight sometimes shimmer like silvery clouds. At the end of the dive, on the wall close to the entry-/exit-point, you can find a nice chimney that leads from 17m to 6m.


Gozo diving – Location:

Most northerly point of Gozo, a small curved low spur which juts into the sea.

Gozo diving – Access:

Along the rocky, bumpy coastal route next to the salt pans.

Gozo diving – Conditions:

Can be choppy, making entry and exit difficult. This site is also very popular with fishermen.

Gozo diving – Average depth:


Gozo diving – Maximum depth:

Beyond 70m

Gozo diving – Average visibility:




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You may want to check out the regulations for gozo diving  on the official Professional Diving Schools Association – Malta website.