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San Dimitri Point

Gozo Diving – San Dimitri Point

Straight in front of the impressive (over 80 metres high) cliff of San Dimitri exists a shallow plateau in a depth of only 6m. The top of this reef is perfect for anchoring the St Andrews’s Divers Cove dive-boat and completing any safety stop at the end of the dive.

Gozo Diving – San Dimitri Point Route

The first part of the drop-off leads gently down to some house-sized boulders with vertical walls. Head out due west into open water until you reach an approximate depth around 30m and then follow the reef  in a big semi-circle around to the south.

During the entire dive always watch out for big schools of Barracuda (Sphyraena viridensis) “cruising around” the blue water with dentex and groupers! Also different kinds of rays are very common at this dive site. The sides and under hangs of the boulders are generally free of algae and host a variety of marine invertebrate life. A rich mixture of Sponges, Sea Squirts, Worms and Star Fish are to be found throughout this dive site.

Upon returning to the anchor-place, if you still have some time/air left, take a look at the nice and sheltered swim-through between the cliff-wall and the backside of the reef before you ascend to your safety stop and enjoy the reef platform with its colourful marine life. There is another little arch at the end of the swim through if you turn left towards the limestone cliff face itself.

While on the boat keep an eye out for sea birds on the cliff face. The sea cliffs along the north western coast of Gozo around San Dimitri Point hold Cory’s Shearwater (100-300 pairs) and the Yelkouan Shearwater (30-50 pairs).


Gozo Diving – Location:

Just south of San Dimitri Point, the most westerly point on Gozo.

Gozo Diving – Access:

By St Andrew’s Divers Cove boat from Xlendi the trip up to this site takes about 15 minutes passing the popular dive sites at Dwejra on the way.

Gozo Diving – Conditions:

Can be difficult with surface chop and current; only dive in calm waters and an easterly wind.

Gozo Diving – Average depth:


Gozo Diving – Maximum depth:

Beyond 30m

Gozo Diving – Average visibility:


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You may want to check out the regulations for gozo diving  on the official Professional Diving Schools Association – Malta website.