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Wied il-Ghasri (Cathedral Cave)

Gozo Diving – Wied il-Ghasri (Cathedral Cave)

As a shore dive, the Cathedral Cave is reached after a 10 – 12 minute swim along Wied il-Ghasri. This valley can get a bit silted up after any rain, but is generally fairly clear. The route slopes gently away from the cobble beach slowly meandering out to cavern and dropping down to 16 metres just as the valley widens. At this point follow the right wall of the valley round into the cavern.

Gozo Diving – Cathedral Cave

Enter via the right-hand side of a steeply sloping wall, which drops down underwater to a huge cluster of large, rounded boulders covered in algae, sea urchins and brilliant coloured starfish (Ophidiaster ophidianus).

The shallows are also home to huge number of damselfish (Chromis chromis) and seahorses (Hippocampus ramulosus) can occasionally be spotted – almost perfectly camouflaged among the spiky algae. The best part of this dive however, is the cave itself. The entrance is only 5m below the surface and leads you through to a huge domed vault, where you can surface. This is a great place to practice you singing voice as the acoustics are amazing.

As the dome of the cavern has a large aperture above water level, there is no danger here of your exhalations disrupting marine species on the ceiling or that the air could be stale.

Although there are few fish in the cave, the walls are covered in delicate corals, hydroids, sponges and golden zoanthids (Parazoanthus axinellae). The interior of the cave’s seabed is covered in massive boulders and the view to the outside blue of the ocean is breathtaking, perfect for diver-silhouette photographs. The light into the cavern is best in the afternoons.

Gozo Diving – Location:

Between Reqqa Point and Forna point, a very distinctive deep winding cut in the headland.

Gozo Diving – Access:

Can be done from the shore, but requires an arduous climb (particularly after it has rained, when the valley silts up very quickly), over rock and down steps and then a long snorkel swim. Best done by dive boat!

Gozo Diving – Conditions:

Sheltered inlet ideal for all levels of diver.

Gozo Diving – Average depth:

12m (in cave) to 30m

Gozo Diving – Maximum depth:


Gozo Diving – Average visibility:


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