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MV Xlendi Wreck

The ferry “MV Xlendi” was given to the Ministry of Tourism and the community of divers by the Gozo Channel Company after they decided to build a new ship, the “MV Ta-Pinu” for the Malta / Gozo ferry service. After a complete cleaning and opening of some safety exits for divers, the Xlendi was sunk in October 1999.

Unfortunately, the wreck is lying up-side down but remains anyway an interesting site for experienced divers. After just one year spent in the water, life was already increasing and shoals of damselfish (Chromis chromis) share this artificial reef with seastars, nudibranch (Flabellina affinis) and other flatworms (Prostheceraeus giesbrechtii)…

Two more wrecks, the MV Karwela and the MV Cominoland, are also found in the vicinity.


West of Mgarr.


Can be done by boat, but more generally from the shore driving down a track through farm land and then an easy walk down.


Generally sheltered from the northwest winds.

Average depth:


Maximum depth:


Average visibility: